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Apple My Juice

As a young child, my daughter was a huge fan of apple juice. I smile broadly remembering her pure joy in relishing the small rectangular box with it’s tiny straw, and her unbridled enthusiasm and delight sipping it. To the tune of “Winnie The Pooh”, she would sing merrily “Apple My Juice, Apple My Juice..”, […]

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Get Rid of Sugar Cravings!

Are you constantly craving sugar, especially after meals? When you eat sugar, it stimulates the pleasure centers in your brain, which also can be used as a reward when you are upset to ease your sadness which ties emotions to your sugar cravings. However, it is possible to reduce your sugar cravings and start living […]

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I’m Your Pilot – Chris Nussbaum, MD, FHM

Remember the phrase “ The Doctor will see you now” and what that was supposed to mean? Having mustered the courage to see a physician, taking the time and trouble to do so, experiencing, for many, uncertainty and a certain foreboding, you approached this potentially uncomfortable and expensive event with something less than unbridled enthusiasm. At the […]

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Heart Disease – 4 Things You Should Know

Did you know that Heart Disease kills 1 in 4 women, making it more deadly than breast cancer? This article will discuss 4 conditions that you should watch out for and treat in order to reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular Disease involves the heart, blood vessels, arteries, capillaries and veins. […]

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